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Welcome to Sniff City: Your Premier Pet Care Destination

Welcome to Sniff City, where we're dedicated to providing the best care for your pets! Our services are designed to cater to dogs of all sizes and breeds, ensuring they receive the love and attention they deserve. Our daycare facility offers a safe environment for dogs to socialize and play, while our boarding services provide a comfortable home away from home for when you're away. We also specialize in helping pet owners find and care for exotic pets, and we offer reliable transportation services for vet appointments, grooming sessions, or daycare. We prioritize the safety and well-being of every pet in our care, and our facility is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.   Before enrolling your pet in our boarding or daycare services, please ensure they meet the following requirements:
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered if over 6 months of age and up-to-date on vaccines.
  • All pets must be free from parasites, with regular checks and preventative measures in place.
  • We require proof of vaccinations to ensure the health and safety of all animals in our care.
Let's face it, Chicagoans love adventures!  But what about our furry best friends? Whether you are late for your doggie's spa appointment or vet visits, we are here for you. Our well-seasoned staff will make pet transportation a breeze in the Windy City. Come, let's explore the services we offer.

Doggie chariot

Need a helping paw with the planning?  We boast of a variety of pet transport services to cater to your needs. Our experienced team can handle everything from providing climate-controlled transportation and in-transit vet care.

Checklist before hitting the road

Visit the vet
Schedule a checkup with your veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy for travel. We can help you reach the doctor's office and obtain any necessary fitness certificates.
Our experts say this is crucial for your pet in case of separation during travel. Safety comes first during pet transportation Chicago!
Planning and packaging
Bring familiar toys or bedding to keep your pet comfortable. Here at Sniff City, we prioritize your pet's comfort.
Practice makes pawfect
For car travel, our experts will get your pet accustomed to their carrier beforehand. We encourage short rides and positive reinforcement for your pooches.
Safety first!
This is our top priority. Your dog's favorite taxi is secured and supervised by experienced professionals. We follow strict safety protocols and have measures in place for emergencies so that your companions are in safe hands. No matter what type of breed you have, we can be guardians for all of them.
What to do before partnering with us?
We encourage you to schedule a tour of our facilities. This is a great opportunity to meet our team and learn more about our services. Additionally, you can check out our facility before entrusting your precious one to us.
Customer satisfaction
Our goal is to provide excellent client services for pet transportation in Chicago. It is our job to make your best friend's journey stress free and safe. You can rely on us to give you individualized services and timely updates. Ultimately, we believe that a happy pet means a happy travel experience for everyone! So do not sweat the pet transport! We offer safe and trustworthy services to help your furry friend travel from place to place. From cozy car rides to easy vet runs, we provide the perfect fit for your precious pup. Breathe easy, hit the road with us, and create lasting memories with your whole family. Visit our Sniff City website to explore Chicago's top pet transportation services today!

Experience our workship


Trust Sniff City for safe, reliable transportation of your pets – ensuring their comfort and security every step of the way.


Our boarding services are perfect for when you need to go out of town and can't take your dog with you.

Exotic Pets

Explore the world of exotic pets with Sniff City! Connect with us for assistance in finding your unique pet companion


A day full of fun and socialization awaits your dog. Our seasoned staff ensures a safe environment for your pet.